Our Culture

At Hili Ventures, we have two priorities: growing our business and supporting our people to grow in their professional and personal lives. We believe that our business will only prosper if our people prosper within it.  It’s that simple. Our secret? Opportunity.

We are expert at seeing opportunity and potential and we pursue them relentlessly. That’s why we are an open, collaborative, and multi-cultural organisation. We thrive on communication, connectivity and diversity. We train, mentor and inspire so everyone can be the best they can be. And we do all this with the utmost integrity and transparency.

We may be present in 9 countries around Europe and North Africa (so far, at least!) but we never let hierarchy or geography get in our way. We invest heavily in travel to bring people together whenever we can. Our business and HR planning processes are designed so that none of our teams ever feel isolated, wherever they are based. And, if you’d like to take up an opportunity with another company within Hili Ventures outside your country, there are procedures to help you take the plunge.


Our philosophy is stemmed in five values.

They guide every decision, every action we take.




We conduct ourselves transparently at all levels, fostering openness and collaboration, with a commitment to communicating outcomes.



We drive a high performance culture that ensures increased employee commitment and sustainable organizational growth.



We actively revisit our structures and processes and the way we impact our stakeholders to constantly change for the better.



We encourage curiosity and creativity in our pursuit of efficiency and excellence.



We are accountable for leaving the most positive impact on all stakeholders to the benefit of the communities we operate in.

Our Story


We build on a legacy that’s almost 100 years old!

We now do business proudly through six divisions engaged in partnerships with McDonald’s and Apple, logistics, engineering, technology and property in 10 countries thanks to a fantastic team of 8,000 people.


How it all started

Carmelo Caruana trades in grain and other goods and expands into shipping.


Carmelo Caruana Company

Carmelo Caruana Shipping Agency is established as a limited liability company


Motherwell Bridge

A joint venture with Motherwell Bridge Group of Scotland offers engineering services to the oil and gas industry, ports and utilities.


Hili Company

Carmelo Caruana Company changes its name to Hili Company to act as the group’s investment arm.


McDonald’s in Malta

First Food Franchises acquires the McDonald’s developmental licence for Malta.


Premier Capital

Premier Capital is set up and acquires 79% of First Food Franchises.


McDonald’s in the Baltics

Premier Capital acquires McDonald’s developmental licence for the Baltic states.


McDonald’s in Greece

Premier Capital acquires McDonald’s developmental licence for Greece.



The group acquires Philip Toledo Ltd in Malta, which is renamed to PTL.


Hili Ventures

Hili Ventures is set up as the holding company of the group, which now has 6 divisions spread in 10 countries.


SAD in Poland

SAD, Poland’s largest Apple retailer, becomes part of the group.


McDonald’s in Romania

Premier Capital acquires McDonald’s developmental licence for Romania.


ALLcom in Poland

Logistics company ALLcom joins the group.


TechniPlus in Morocco

Engineering company TechniPlus joins the group.


Eunoia and Stride

Technology companies Eunoia and Stride join the group.

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