Hili Ventures is a group of companies engaged in multi-sited activities in partnership with McDonald’s and Apple, logistics, engineering, technology, and property.

The group has six divisions, each dedicated to one of Hili Ventures’ business areas: Premier Capital plc (McDonald’s), iSpot Holdings (Apple), Hili Properties (property), Hili Logistics (logistics), Harvest (technology), and Motherwell Bridge Industries (engineering).

Hili Ventures is currently present in Belarus, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Morocco, Poland and Romania, and employs around 8,000 people.


Premier Capital

Premier Capital plc is the developmental licencee for McDonald’s in Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Romania. It operates 133 restaurants in major cities and prime locations thanks to a team of 7,000 people. More than half of restaurants operate McDrives and McCafes. Every year more than 100 million customers are served at a McDonald’s operated by Premier Capital plc.

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iSpot Holdings

iSpot Holdings plc is engaged in the sale and distribution of Apple hardware and accessories and third party products. Through its company SAD, Poland’s largest Apple retailer, it operates a chain of 26 stunning Apple Premium Resellers across the country under the iSpot brand. SAD also supplies Apple hardware and solutions to Polish businesses. Under a joint venture with Maltese trading group VJ Salomone, iSpot Holdings plc operates an Apple Premium Reseller chain in Budapest, Hungary, under the iCentre brand. iSpot Holdings also operates another iCentre store in Bucharest, Romania.

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Hili Logistics

Hili Logistics is an international-focused division incorporating key capabilities in logistics. The companies under its umbrella include Carmelo Caruana Company, CMA CGM Malta Agency (a joint venture with CMA CGM), Peterson (Malta) Ltd (a joint venture with Peterson) and Airsped Express in Malta, and Prime Logistics in Belarus. The companies offer a comprehensive range of global air, road, and sea freight, warehousing and distribution solutions, parcel services, and oil and gas logistics services.

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Hili Properties

Hili Properties plc holds and manages an extensive portfolio of commercial real estate in key locations in Malta, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The portfolio includes dedicated office blocks, grocery-anchored retail complexes, and property housing McDonald’s restaurants across the footprint.

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Harvest is a group of technology companies brought together by design to create a critical mass of management expertise, technological skills and operational excellence. In Malta, it draws together business solutions provider PTL, automation and payments services specialist APCO Ltd, and e-commerce and payment solutions expert APCO Systems, the operator of the APCO Pay. Harvest’s specialities include systems engineering, security solutions, networking and system maintenance, product development and IT outsourcing. Harvest also holds a stake in Smart Technologies, a joint venture engaged in hardware leasing services.

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Motherwell Bridge Industries

Motherwell Bridge Industries specialises in mechanical and electrical engineering, multi-regional project management, industrial and marine engine overhaul and servicing, technical training, tooling and port services from its base in Hal Far, Malta. It incorporates Techniplus, a multi-disciplined engineering company in Moroccco. Techniplus is engaged in the maintenance and servicing of port cargo handling equipment in the country’s largest ports at Casablanca, Tangier, Agadir and Jorf Lasfar.

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