Hili Ventures Logo
Hili Ventures is the holding company of a diversified group with a deep rooted entrepreneurial heritage dating back to 1923. Through its various subsidiaries, Hili Ventures is engaged in food service & retail, real estate & hospitality, and shipping, engineering & technology in 11 countries across Europe and North Africa with a team of 11,000 people.   
From its headquarters in Malta, Hili Ventures steers its subsidiaries towards continued growth in selected sectors and markets. Hili Ventures is a proud partner of Apple, iRiparo, Konecranes, McDonald’s, Microsoft, NCR, Six Senses and many other global brands.

Lines of Business

Premier Capital plc Logo

Premier Capital plc is the developmental licencee for McDonald’s in Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Romania. It operates 178 restaurants in major cities and prime locations thanks to a team of more than 10,000 people. Over half of the restaurants operate McDrives, McCafés, and McDelivery. Every year more than 77 million transactions (guest counts) are effected across the six markets.


Hili Properties plc holds and manages an extensive portfolio of commercial real estate in key locations in Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Romania. The portfolio includes dedicated office blocks, grocery-anchored retail complexes, an industrial plant and property housing McDonald’s restaurants across the footprint.

1923 Investments Logo

1923 Investments plc is a diversified holding company focused on the pursuit of opportunities to acquire and nurture companies to generate attractive returns and maximise value for stakeholders. 1923 Investments plc encompasses Harvest Technology, iSpot & Cortland and E-Lifecycle Holdings. These activities located in Malta, Poland, Hungary and Germany, are engaged in innovation for businesses, retail of some of the world’s most desirable technology products and large-scale mobile device repair operations. 


Hili Finance Company Logo

Hili Finance Company plc acts as the finance company for Hili Ventures Ltd and its subsidiaries. Operating from Malta, Hili Finance Company plc acquires, holds and manages assets and other financial interests for Hili Ventures, of which it is a wholly owned subsidiary. The company raises finance for the business of Hili Ventures through the issue of corporate bonds on the Malta Stock Exchange.


Cobalt Leasing Logo

Based in the United Kingdom, Cobalt Leasing is engaged in international container leasing, targeting large European carriers seeking to secure long term lease arrangements.



Breakwater Investments is a group of companies providing engineering services, the mobility of goods and cargo across regions, ship-to-ship operations and the servicing of major oil companies and their fleets in Malta, Poland, the UK and the Mediterranean.


HV Hospitality Logo

Established in 2019, HV Hospitality is a dedicated investor in distinct properties and locations around Europe. Building on the expertise and track record of its team, it has set out to develop exquisite hotels and resorts and nurture the potential of urban assets. With the ability to raise capital to secure singular assets for its portfolio and a drive to leave its mark on the luxury sector, HV Hospitality seeks to partner major brands, leading international architects and designers, and ambitious professionals for its first projects in Malta.